Teaching was something whose traits I had come across when I was a child. Where the cupboard or the door was my board and I was the teacher with my imaginary students. 

Yes, my imagination skills were quite good! πŸ˜‰

When I grew older, I began loving it. Anything to anyone at anytime when the time arose, I was forever ready to making them understand.

I made sure that they understand. While in the process of teaching, I used to forget all the worries and stress. This profession has taught me to live in the moment. Unless and until you give your best in the moment you are in, you won’t be able to give your best. 

You aren’t your best. 

Who wants that? I think that’s what passion does to you. 

Teaching is not just about preaching, that’s what I’ve understood. 

I’m a passionate educator, I can’t stop saying that to myself and am so proud of it! It has changed me for the better and made me a productive human being and be useful to the society.



The key factor for the students to direct them to paramount success. 

We often forget how important that is, every child has got it in himself. The only thing required is an eagle eye and yes, we teachers are quite good at that!

Conducting small activities in the class related to any topic and based in any forte will help extensively.

Enacting a situation, Elocution on the spot, Spot the word, dancing-it-off and many more like these are great for the kids! 

Enjoyment with the education – a perfect combination working at it’s best.

Try it!

Not many days left for the school to begin. I’m excited!

Yes, I am! The school will be starting in just a few days after and I can’t wait for welcoming a new batch already!

A new academic year, a new start, new plans to execute etcetra.

While all the students set themselves up by purchasing a new set of uniform, new bags, new pencil box or pouch, water bottle what not! The happiness and excitement they go through and the feeling of meeting their buddies after quite a long time is just so great!

Predicting who is going to be in their division… altogether excited as to who is going to be their class teacher this year.

Ahhhh! The excitement is alike for the teachers as well!

After such a break, we tend to kind of get bored and feel the urge of getting in our shoes as soon as possible. Ready to teach! Having fun at the same time (not to forget)

Being in an all boys’ school is a whole lot of an amazing experience you can’t compare. 

I have started missing my class, as all of you might agree, being inside the class is an enjoyable experience. Yes, I won’t disagree of the times when we feel tired and just don’t feel teaching but selflessness is what you should know about before you step into this profession, right?

That was it, the drops have started drizzling and the feeling has set in. Got to gear up for an exciting one year journey again! 


Children and Animal love

Browsing through the net nowadays leaves you heart broken. Why you ask? The innumerable posts of animal cruelty leaves you thinking as to what pleasure do these sick people derive?!

Well then what can we do as a teacher, as responsible adults or an elder sister or a brother?

 To make our children and students much more sensible towards this, it’s our duty to provide them with the correct information they require. 

Information about the various NGOs for eg. PETA can be made aware to them. 

Asking them about how animals are important to them and what they feel about them. 

We all notice some or the other four legged being starving on the road or shivering on a cold winter morning. Rarely anything it done. We need to realize that we are humans and reach out to them. 

As a teacher, I can certainly provide my students with the contact numbers of the many NGOs or animal shelters. 

Any lost or unfortunate animal can be handed over to the NGO or maybe the child can keep it too. Good deeds you know πŸ˜‰ 

Imparting sense of empathy and sympathy for every living creature will contribute massively. 

Just because animals can’t speak, doesn’t give us the freedom of treating them as the way we like. 

And children can make a difference if given the correct guidance. That has to be kept in mind. They are what we teach them.

Well, I surely plan to do that in my class, sure you will too.

Education. Why is it so vital?

Ever visited a construction site? A building being made? 

You probably travel back and forth and watch the building take years for it’s completion reaching it’s final stage.

Building the character and personality of a child is quite identical. It is a long term process.  Doesn’t happen overnight. Creating citizens who can contribute to the nation is only possible through a thing. That thing? Yes, ‘Education’. There you go.

Educating a person opens up innumerable ways to carve out one’s future. So, why is it so vital? Here are those reasons listed: πŸ‘‡

Makes you confident: Oh yes, it does. The feeling that he knows something and is capable, makes him feel worth for. And it just goes on building up for the better.

Develops leadership qualities: Now that he’s getting improved in his confidence game, he/she builds up the  courage to take a stand for his friends or classmates. He learns to lead. Considers everyone’s point of view. 

Makes you a sensible individual: As the child grows, he/she learns what is appropriate and what is not. What is good and what is bad. Comprehending a problem and and searching for solutions and discussing ​with classmates which is a great thing. 

Development of four fundamental skills:  Of course, the very essential skills which is the base. The reading, writing, speaking and listening skills which are then brushed up further. 

Inculcating dignity of labour: Education also emphasizes on vocational training and strongly believes in taking pride in whatever one does. No work is smaller or greater. No matter what work is it, it needs to be respected. 

That’s what Education teaches you. That being said, these goals are not going to be attained within one year. Of course not! 

As educators and parents, it’s our responsibility to work for it and shape them into beautiful human beings which can make this world a better place.

 Don’t you think? πŸ™‚

Everyday is not going to be the same from a teacher’s diary

Howdy! Good morning guys! Strongly hope everything is awesome, well if it’s not, it will be. Because nothing is permanent you see. There are some highs and lows in a person’s life. As a teacher, it’s no different.

Some days are incredible, you’re so satisfied with how the work turns out but not everytime. 

There are times when there’s a lot of work pressure, innumerable dead lines, various programs and projects, you name it; the list just doesn’t seem to end. 

People out there who don’t belong to our category tend to think teaching is such an easy job! I mean if you can’t become something, become a teacher. As simple as that. But teaching is not that easy you guys! It’s not. We need to keep ourselves put together and be the best version of ourself for those champs in the classroom. After all, they’re the future. We’ve got to nurture them in the best manner so that they can lead the nation on the path of progress. 

For a developing country like India (and for any other country for that matter) , education is the only tool which is going to serve this purpose. 

So, keep calm and carry on, that’s what we must believe in. As long as you enjoy what you do, the rest of the things are of least importance. Atleast I feel I’ve done my duty well as the day comes to an end and I prepare myself for the next. πŸ™‚

Teacher’s diary… well here I am. It’s going to be interesting!

Namaste and lots of love from India to everyone reading this. Well, I’m a fun loving teacher, a teacher by profession and by passion.  Teaching is a stressbuster for me, something I enjoy to the core. Of course every other day is not the same but hey… I love what I do and that is what matters at the end of the day! The satisfaction you receive by teaching something new to a child, not necessarily always content related, maybe a life lesson helping him or her get through a problem fills you with delight.

This is my first day and my very first post. I’ve had an experience of 4 years in this noble profession of teaching the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th (Maths, Science and English) My personal blog where I would be sharing my teaching experiences, ways and tips to make the teaching – learning process much more effective. 

Hope to unite more and more people through my writing. Looking forward to it!